Going After A Flush on the Web

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Chasing a flush on the internet – Occasionally the numbers just don’t add up!

There is an age old debate in poker – should you chase a flush? 1st of all we need to define what we mean here by "chasing a flush on the net."

Chasing anything in Holdem poker will be the practice of wagering to stay in a hand in the hope that you just will generate a greater hand, even though you may well have absolutely nothing in the time. So chasing a flush implies wagering that you will receive the card or card that you just must complete your flush palm within the turn or river. You can’t chase a flush before the flop because at that time you only have two cards so the flush isn’t on.

So let us say you are playing one of the large poker internet sites on the web, you have been dealt the Ace and nine of spades and you’ve paid to see the flop.

The flop is 2s seven spades Kd and one of your opponents comes out betting strongly with a fair sized increase, what do you do?

Very first of all ask yourself what kind of palm you’re up against. The possibilities are triples, an additional flush draw, a pair of Kings or a total bluff, so as it stands you happen to be only winning against the bluff with your Ace. Within the other hands if you hit a spade in the last two cards you’ve the nut flush and could only lose to a full house or 4 of a kind.

Around the face of it you might assume that statistically you might have about a 50-50 possibility of hitting your spade, after all there’s two cards to arrive and 4 suits so there must be about a half probability, proper?


You already have two of the spades in your palm and there is one more two showing around the table, so you know five cards and four of them are spades. That means you have nine spades left readily available out of the 47 cards you haven’t seen, which is only a forty two % probability of catching your flush.

When you do wager around the turn and don’t make your flush, what do you do then? You’ve got probably now become pot-committed, you’ve put so a lot into the pot which you may well as effectively wager again around the river unless there’s a major increase or all-in against you, but now your chances of making the flush have dropped dramatically to only 21 %.

Except what of that other factor, the mysterious web poker syndrome? What I imply by that is even though you statistically have a forty two per cent possibility of generating a flush, is that what truly occurs in reality? In case you played the exact same hand in the same internet poker table 100 times would you get a flush 42 times? From my personal encounter I doubt it. Flushes seem to arrive around a lot much less often than 42 out of 100 times!

That’s just my own opinion and I am sure the poker websites would tell you a distinct story, except the way I see it is forty two per cent will be the quite Greatest you’re ever going to get and you may possibly effectively have a good deal less chance than that of hitting your flush.

Bottom line? Chasing a flush on-line is a incredibly risky method that sucks you in and over commits you, with out giving you enough of a likelihood of pulling out the succeeding hand.

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