Free Poker Tournaments – The Greatest Event Around!

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No Cost poker tournaments are daily events that happen on quite a few of the greatest web poker rooms. Freerolls are much admired by the poker wagering community as they provide the poker enthusiasts the hopes to win some bona fide money without squandering any. The buyin to these freerolls is – as the name suggests – free and prize cash can range from a handful of bucks for a placing to a few hundred dollars for winning the huge freeroll texas hold’em poker tournaments.

So how come the poker web sites have free tournaments? Is it as a result of their incredibly generous makeup and the fact that they earn massive amounts of $$$$$ so they have a societal accountability to give a bit of it back?

What do you believe!

No of course it is not, the basis that the great poker rooms provide free tournaments is to draw folks to their website.

Here is the theory condensed – You come across a site that has an awesome freeroll, it costs you zilch to participate in and you will be able to win $100. You think "awesome!" and you head over to the site and join as a member so you can bet on the freeroll. You play and finish early and are annoyed because you believe you should have done much better, or you get close to winning and so you are looking for some additional play. So what happens? You spend some $$$$ at the site and compete in another poker match!

Always check the free tournaments for payout stipulations, you’ll just about always need to compete in some hands for real $$$$ before they allow you take the money out. Often this is on a one to one basis, so if you win $20 at the freeroll poker tournament you’ll have to have bet for $20 in bona fide money in order for you to be able to take out the $$$$$.

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