The Recorded History of Poker Chips

Poker chips have been manufactured from a wide selection of materials in an almost infinite variety of styles since the advent of gambling and the need to keep an eye on winnings. The most commonly used components employed at this time in the manufacture of cutting-edge poker chips are plastic, clay composite, and acrylics. Clay chips, the primary of the group, have been made in the US since the late 19th century.

Back in the 19th century, poker enthusiasts seemed to use any tiny valuable item you can imagine. Early poker players occasionally used rough gold pieces as well as chips – primarily manufactured of wood and clay. By the 20th century, poker chip features began to enjoy a greater prominence, and the smooth sides of older chips gave way to chips with ridges to hold them neatly piled up together.

There is little doubt that poker has gotten bigger constantly in popularity ever since its beginnings in the 19th century. With the explosive increase of internet gaming and unique television shows, public appeal in poker has feed the fire a lot faster than ever before. Most folks are first introduced to poker by TV showslike "Celebrity Poker" or the Travel Channel’s "World Poker Tour," and many will gamble on their initial hands on the net. Regardless of internet poker’s rise, nothing replaces the feeling of mixing heavy clay poker chips in your hands, tossing chips into the middle of a poker table, or stacking high pilesstacks of chips after showing a winning hand.

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